Types of floorboards



Floorboard applications:

  • manufacturing facilities
  • assembly halls
  • garages for cars and trucks
  • warehouses
  • exhibitions
  • agriculture

The products are layed on a hardened substrate (e.g. rolled gravel) according to the traffic load, but also directly on levelled ground. They are successfully used in the renovation of old concrete floors and exterior concrete surfaces, whether it be in dealing with their dusting, the wearing out of their surface due to excessive traffic load or atmospheric erosion. They are generally layed with the dry method. They are fitted with connecting locks, and a jointless floor finish can be created with hot-air welding with an inserted cord. The plates are easily separated and worked on with electrical hand tools.

Universal mat

  • industry
  • production and storage halls
  • agriculture

Load mat

  • industry
  • agriculture

Smooth interior mat

  • industry
  • agriculture

Paddock mat

  • riding halls
  • free-range houses
  • paths to stables

Interior mat

  • exhibitions
  • inner surface
  • cynology, breeding of domestic animals
  • plants with less load


  • temporary covering of ice surfaces for other uses, definitive treatment of crossings for movement on skates
  • temporary reinforcement passes through terrain when exhibiting exhibits outdoors
  • short-term, removable protection of lawns for the movement of mechanisms up to a load of 1.5 t per driveshaft, without the need for prior reinforcement of regular load-bearing terrain
  • short-term, removable protection of lawns during concentrations of people on the lawns of playgrounds and parks
  • the establishment of temporary demountable driveways and parking areas for cars without the need for the prior reinforcement of the terrain
  • temporary, removable reinforcement of passes through terrain on construction sites
  • temporary and permanent creation of spaces and passageways through terrain in places with a concentration of livestock on pastures without the need for the prior reinforcement of the terrain
  • definitive anti-slip floor finish suitable for housing animals in stables and paddock floor finishes for cattle in loose stabling

The products were tested at the Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague and were issued certificates of compliance with environmental, fire and anti-skid requirements. In 1995,  they were approved by the Institute for Testing and Certification, a.s., Zlín as flooring made of recycled PVC. All mats have a standard length of 1,200 mm and width of 800 mm.

You can find more detailed information on the floor mats in the catalogue, which will be sent to you on request free of charge. You can request its sending via our order form.