Technical and control measurement

You do not want to buy expensive geometric quantity gauges which you will not use very often?

You do not want to deal with the metrological traceability of these expensive gauges?

Do you need to measure the specific dimensions of your products once or repeatedly?

Technical and control measurement - Flyer

The solution is simple:

We will perform the technical and control measurements for you at our facility!

We will, of course, substantiate the metrological traceability of our equipment.

Contour meter

  • Measuring range in axis x - track length - 100 mm
  • in axis z ± 20 mm, resolution up to 0.0001 mm

Measuring microscope with scanning camera

  • range of measurement in the axes x / y / z = 200/250/100 mm
  • resolution up to 0.0005 mm

CNC coordinate measuring machine

  • working area of x / y / z = 500/700/400 mm
  • resolution up to 0.0001 mm

Feel free to come!


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